A learnership is the perfect way of getting good career experience and earning from it at the same time. Some might call them apprenticeships or internships as they are referred to in some parts of the world. However, these three all mean different things despite their similarities. Basically, a learnerships in south africa makes use of a specific program where an individual can get some practical training to add on to the theoretical framework of what they have already done during their study in school.


It helps act as a link between learning, which is structured and gives experience in a given profession. It is usually a combination of theoretical work and practical work at the work place, after which one becomes qualified and registered. In South Africa, such qualifications become registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Usually an individual will receive a certificate to show the progress they have made up to a particular level.


On the other hand, internships tend to refer to programs, which are majorly designed for individuals within degree or diploma programs, one may be finished or still pursuing the course of study. Internships come in two kinds. There are paid internships and then there are internships, which one does just for the practical experience with the aim of getting a job in either the same organization or somewhere else where the concept of what was learnt is similar. Interns are usually placed at a given company for a certain duration. Internships vary in duration, some go for weeks, while others go for months. In many schools a variety of courses  require that an individual takes an internship to complete their course of study. Check out this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/p/jobs-at-huffingtonpostcom.html for more info about jobs.


In conclusion am sure you have come across apprenticeships. In fact, they have been around for the longest time and they are not only related to the formal sector or corporate world jobs. Apprenticeship is also closely related to the informal sector. An apprenticeship usually happens with hands-on jobs, for instance, things such as plumbing, carpentry, cooking, electrical work, engineering, and the like. This program can go on for several years depending on the intensity and what needs to be learned. Some of these programs an go on for a period of three to four years. The individual receiving the training stands a chance of getting employed by their tutor or even an opportunity to start their own business because the skills and experience gained are particular to the trade.



Therefore, artisan learnerships jobs are most suitable for individual who have at least completed the twelfth grade. Internships are likely to benefit people who are completing their degrees or diploma and apprenticeships are for people who need to sharpen their skills in a specific trade stretching from nearly 3 to 4 years.