You're probably considering learnerships in South Africa for 2017 if you're reading this. Basically, a learnership is an educational and vocational training program that links formal learning and work experience. People need learnerships to obtain registered qualifications. This program combines nursing practice and theory. The qualification is noted in the Nursing Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Nursing learnerships are excellent for individuals who wish to study as they work. The subject you're taking ,as well as your qualifications, often determine the duration of learnership. On average, it requires 1-2 years. After completing the 2017 learnerships, you can decide to study a diploma in nursing.

For those who want to practice nursing, the SANC (Nursing Council of South Africa) has prescribed a training regimen requirement. SANC has the mandate to maintain quality standards in regards to education and nursing.

You must finish 2 years of academic studies that include 2000 hours of medical practice to become a nurse. There are several subjects that one will study during their academic year. These courses include learning scientific subjects that are important to basic nursing. Learn more about job search at http://www.ehow.com/careers/job-search/.

In the Republic of South Africa, there are several companies that provide nursing learnerships to people who are qualified and interested. They include the Department of Health in various provinces. The provinces include Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Free State, North Cape, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Gauteng as well as Kwazulu Natal.

There are also a number of sites on the internet that one can use to find nursing learnerships in South Africa. The ideal way of getting nursing learnerships is to contact the local health office. They'll tell you if you can study at a school or University.


You have to have your proof of address, relevant qualifications and ID. Also, ensure your CV is ready. The health service will require you to show proof that you have nursing experience or have studied nursing. They utilize this criterion to gauge whether you qualify for a nursing learnership. You'll have to prove to them that the nursing course will be of benefit to you and that you can study successfully.


You need to get the contact information of the local health nearby to find out if they have a job. To find what's right for you, you'll have to work hard as well. One can get help from their local job office or in a center in their area. Most people think finding learnerships for matriculants is hard. However, it's rather easy. To make an application for nursing learnerships, you need to have knowledge of Biology, English, life science and matric. Plus, you need to be flexible, motivated, committed and a team worker. With online research and enough determination, one can get the career they've been dreaming of. You only have to search for opportunities.